Top Makeup Brands

Top Makeup Brands!

Most of us render to look better every day using some products that make us look better. Many of the products usually we see and use comes with a popular brand name we know. These makeup brands make us look better from outside and well as inside. These makeup brands make us look attractive, confident and glowing than before. These Makeup Brands and cosmetics haven’t only established worldwide but also helped many of us to become a professional model in various shows and events.

Many role models like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and many more started their makeup companies and are listed in Top Makeup Brands. Likewise being idols of many people follow them and appreciate them. These makeup brands have many products with something unique. Many of us are habitual to use lipstick and eyeliners before going to a party, meeting or even going out from our homes. Various companies provide us with beauty tips you improve our skills.

Here’s a list of Top Makeup Brands:


One of the oldest companies established back in 1915. Company but the good enough to beat everyone. Its products are widespread enough to fill a home easily. Products ranges are good enough to be afforded by anyone. Maybelline makes sure about its products reaching everyone person as it has established itself worldwide and has proved itself one of the best makeup brands.


Being one of the most famous cosmetics company worldwide. Established in 1909 and till now providing skin care and hair care at its best with its own magazines. Hiring various brand ambassadors all over the world to promote themselves. They have enrolled themselves as top cosmetic companies leading today’s generation to look more attractive and confident than before. Not only for ladies, but products are also even provided for men to look after their skin and become better than they are. The tagline of “Because I’m worth it” Lo’real had shown the world about its presence.




Established back in 1984 this company amazed everyone with it’s products. Every product comes with a uniqueness allowing customers to use it very well and without professionalism. Providing with 400 versatile shades of lipsticks and being one of the companies that provide the safest products. Not only the lipsticks but it also became the first company to provide black nail polish at drugstores. The whole team of beauty ambassadors in addition to our enthusiastic celebrity ambassadors. 90% brand recognition in the US is a big deal for a company but Wet’n Wild made it.



World’s leading professional makeup authority because of expertise in makeup ARTISTRY. Many stars were collaborating with leading talents from fashion, art, and popular culture. Not only the products but also performs in social welfare and giving up to 450 million dollars to HIV victims. Using more of the technology it produces new categories for its products and launches them every year. People following their stars use these products which increase the range. The reach of the product is circulated among 120 countries around the world.


Kat Von D

Kat Von D created the products using animal-derived ingredients. One of the challenges faced during the making of products. These products don’t have animal testing. This is a thing that makes it one of the top makeup brands worldwide. Not much of the products are launched as it focuses on quality over quantity. Reaching out more and growing day by day is what it’s doing.