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Top Nail Salons

Nowadays trends are set in the world, following the trend of nails itself. Preferring and keeping nails in light of trends, we bring out top nail salons around the world.

Not only this, these top nail salons provide the best services as they carry the best nail artists to treat their customers.

It’s very common to see ladies taking care of their nail. Doing nail art includes cleaning, polishing, tattoos, piercings, enhancements, or manicures of various kinds, the craze of nail styling is increasing day-by-day.

Here’s the list of top nail salons around the world so that it’s easy to know about the nail world.

AstrowifeyBeginning in 2008 Astrowifey started its career getting attention from the world for her nail designs. Later deciding about the career ended up opening up salons for herself and providing customers. It started too good that contracts for events, private parties, photoshoots began her career. Her newest venture with taglines ‘Worship The Wu’ and ‘Go Hard In The Nail Paint’ has to lead to getting people to know about the nail art around the world.

I Scream NailsEstablished by in 2012 in Australia by a couple of Celia Cecchi and Ben Johnson, began their journey in the nail art industry. Its unique formula of streak-free, easy to apply, quick-dry, opaque. It’s signature ice cream shape bottle of high quality and glossy look to prove each shade a perfect identity. Providing with so much unique they have come up with unique fashion and makeup styles in the industry and ship all over the world with their warehouses in Australia and the US.

Jin SoonJin Soon is a Korean woman who started its career in new york and came along with becoming the most influential person in the world. Also earning the title of ‘Nail Guru’ in the New York magazine. Progressing at the huge rate she started herself and now from the influence of clients gives her customers the best treatment. Believing in healthful and eco-friendly products, all of the shades in the collection are made with high-tech polymers and resins to ensure long wear with a perfectly shiny finish.

These top nail salons have gone wild and setting limits for the other industries. Competing in the world they are known worldwide for the services and establish themselves worldwide. From an artist to an ambassador is what they have shown themselves a true competitor.