Trump claims coronavirus vaccine by end of this year

Trump claims coronavirus vaccine by end of this year

Coronavirus has been a problem globally. Not only this, but various countries are also doing their best to save people of their nation. Here’s good news, Donald Trump on coronavirus vaccine to be prepared by the end of this year.

Besides, this is great news if it happens. It not only ends here. A British based tobacco company claims coronavirus vaccine which is about to start testing on humans. The whole world is waiting for this period to end, right?

Adding to this, Trump announces ‘Operation Wrap Speed’ for making vaccination of COVID. This will include an extensive amount of research, and implementation so that the world could get relief at the end of this year. Working together with various people it can help to get success fast.

trump and modi

Here are some words of trump on Operation Wrap Speed, “A massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavor, unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.” In addition to this, he also praises Indian researchers and scientists who are working in the US.

We all have seen a close friendship between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, even we can see that in the interview with Trump.

Helping India with ventilators

During this pandemic, we have seen a good friendship between Presidents of the US and India. Here is a tweet that clearly shows how close they are. And both are working hard enough to keep their nation safe as well as better in the future.

The US would be sending ventilators to India within 3 weeks for providing good hospitality to citizens of India. Even India is also paying the expense of 2.6 million dollar to the US for giving such a great help.

British cigarette company on vaccination

british tobacco company, coronavirus vaccine

The world’s 2nd largest British cigarette company on vaccination has some positive results for the common people. They state that if they get permission for human trials according to the norms of USFDA. The whole medical and pharma industry is into getting the vaccination for this invisible enemy.

This company claims to have tobacco-based vaccinations. Adding to this, they say that they can manufacture 1 to 3 million weekly doses if they get proper support from the authorities as well as the manufacturers.



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