smokey eyes

Unable to make Smokey Eyes, work on these tricks

Every lady wants to look more dominant and assertive than the other standing beside her. Rather dominance can also be done by looks of a person. Although talking about other features of the face, eyes play a major role in giving more expressive looks. This is where the main problem begins ladies are unable to make smokey eyes. Smokey eyes are not that easy as it seems, it can give a drastic change to ones face. You can make trolls of yourself or be a celebrity at an event.

There are basic requirements for doing smokey eyes makeup. Requirement needed are as:

  1. Primer
  2. Concealersmokey eyes
  3. Eyeshadow
  4. Mascara
  5. Brush

Step 1

Setting a primer is a basic thing for every makeup. Creating a layer of primer doesn’t let makeup to smudge and make it worse than ever. As soon as the primer is applied leave it to the sink over skin for about 10-15 mins.

Step 2

While making Smoky Eyes dark circles tend to destroy all the feel of the makeup to avoid this problem using a concealer cover those dark circles. Doing so would give smoky eyes a prominent look over the face.

Source: Youtube: TheMakeupChair

Step 3

After applying concealer, use the eye shadow shade you want to use to give smoke eye look from. Using an

Smokey eyeeyeshadow starting from the outer corner and crease into. Blend it so that harsh lines aren’t seen.

Last step

Using a liner you can close out the lash line. After covering of lash lines blend and smudge it using the eye shadow. With soft hand take the liner under eyes creating the effect on eyes. After doing so, again blend and smudge it. For a better effect, you can deepen color using the eyeliner, but blending is important for smokey eye effect.

After this only thing left is volumizing it with mascara. Blending is the main part after the use of eyeliner. Make sure it is done properly as it creates all the dominance role of eyes giving the sense of power in the hands of ladies.