covid fight against india

WHO: COVID fight against India. India can win

India is one of the densely populous countries of the world that can win over COVID-19. WHO director Michael Ryan states that India can combat and win over this coronavirus.

India is among one of the most powerful nations of the world. And counts as one of the most talented nations with the maximum number of youth.

But as a citizen of India are you doing enough for your country? Are you contributing to COVID fight against India?

Of course, you are. India has eradicated the two biggest diseases in the world: smallpox and polio.

Even now, Pune based Mylabs gets approved for test kits which are based on molecular-based diagnostics to cure coronavirus. Moreover, 1000 kits have been provided to large labs and 200 to small ones.

covid fight against india

Working hard day and night, every person who is fighting against this virus has a breath of relief after this news came up. Besides this medical test kits are based on WHO norms and follow them accordingly.

The lockdown for 21 days imposed by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has taken several steps keeping in mind the health issue of the public.

Not only this, the director of WHO states to take aggressive actions for the safety of the public so as to eradicate and keep the country safe.

Winning over this virus can happen if each and every person of the country stick to what the government says accordingly. Showing respect to each and every person who put their lives in danger just to protect yours.

If you see any person on the streets that’s helping the people out there. Just take out time and appreciate them by clapping and cheering them up. Each individual is responsible for the COVID fight against India, you win you’re responsible. There is no way of losing.

Though, we can’t do much more than. But moral support is the biggest support that you can provide to a person and yourself while fighting this pandemic.

Not neglecting the fact that this virus is dangerous, but by will, every person can win over this and overcome this. There is a saying that ‘if your mind can conceive it, you will achieve it’. For sure this line is true and India is going to win this fight once and for all. COVID


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