emotionally unavailable
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7 unknown ways to fix emotionally unavailable partner

Being in a relationship for 1 or 2 years? And missing something? Maybe your partner is shy enough to share his/her feelings in front of you. Is it right? This lack of missing of your conversation can make your relationship break soon. Emotional availability describes the ability to break your emotional bonds. What makes your …

how to cope up with breakup
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5 ways to how to cope with breakup (FAST)

Breakups are worst, we all know that. But, how to cope with a breakup? How can someone just leave after giving you all the precious memories of life? Besides, you accept the fact that they won’t return to your life. Living with all these memories in the future, every relationship keeps its secrets hidden. Some …

hairstyle of men
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6 trending simple hairstyle of men of 2020

The hairstyle of men change with time, right? Hairstyling is one of the most interesting things about grooming. Moreover, a good hairstyle enhances face features with overall personality. Besides, we have seen men spending a lot of time on their hair. Ever thought so, why? Various reasons are there, but matter fact hairstyles of men …

intimate questions to ask your partner
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50+ extreme intimate questions to ask your partner

Relationships are intimate, right? Confused what intimate questions to ask your partner? Besides, any sort of relationship has intimacy in it, love is also required. Not only in relationships but also in any kind of relation like friends with benefits, long-distance relationships, friends,  and others too. Usually, people when listening word intimate connects it with …